Caroline Notté (b. 1977 – Belgian)

Based in Brussels, Caroline Notté (CN) has always been moved by the appealing scenes and atmospheres she has encountered around the world. An avid ABOUTtraveller and adventurer, her work captures these experiences to create astonishment and spark aspirations.

After graduating from the Academy of Arts in Brussels, CN complemented her studies with a degree in Architecture at La Cambre in Brussels, achieving the highest distinction.

With an artistic background and specialised in a major form of art – Architecture – CN then chose to enhance her CV as a complete all-round artist, training in Photography in New-York at the New York Institute of Photography.

Prior to launching her own practice, she welcomed the opportunity to develop her sense and vision of space while working for Marc Corbiau for two years. To further develop her professional experience, CN then cooperated with the interior designer Lionel Jadot for four years.

This diverse education and experience finally led CN to open her own practice, offering a multi-disciplinary approach to her work. As a result, she combines her training with talent to create exceptional artworks that are in harmony with the client’s domain.

As an architect, interior designer, photographer and professor at the College of Advertising & Design, CN views herself as Andrée Putman puts it, a “multi-faceted artist“.

CN assembles images, materials, stories and impressions like a roadmap and it defines her distinctive language. This specific tone and character is then translated into environments as varied as hotels, fashion boutiques, offices, houses, retails, etc.

She is always keen to create amazement through her artworks, dismissing the dreary sensation of “déjà vu”. When representing cities and landscape, she goes beyond the reproduction of the abstract beauty of nature and its kaleidoscope of colours, attempting to pave her own way between fiction, documentary and imagination.